Thrust Areas

Sustainable Automotive Power Plants

"Sustainable Automotive Power Plants usher in a new era for eco-conscious propulsion in vehicles. They focus on curbing carbon emissions and environmental impact from production to disposal, leaning on renewables like electricity, hydrogen, or biofuels. Key features include hybrid systems, electric motors, fuel cells, and regenerative braking to boost efficiency and slash greenhouse gases. Innovative materials and design tactics optimize energy use and performance. These plants champion sustainability, aligning with global climate goals for cleaner transportation and a greener future."

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Vehicle Design and Dynamics

"Vehicle Design and Dynamics Research adopts a multidisciplinary approach to elevate automobile performance, safety, and efficiency. It explores aerodynamics, materials science, ergonomics, and structural integrity to craft state-of-the-art solutions, optimizing functionality and user experience. Through advanced modeling and simulation, researchers refine vehicle dynamics for improved handling, stability, and maneuverability, enhancing driver comfort and safety. Additionally, the focus extends to tackling modern challenges like carbon emission reduction, fuel efficiency enhancement, and integration of technologies such as autonomous driving systems. By driving innovation, this research shapes next-gen vehicles, prioritizing sustainability, performance, and user satisfaction."

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