Thrust Areas

Communication Networking

Communication networking research encompasses a broad range of topics related to the design, analysis, optimization, and implementation of communication networks. It involves both theoretical and practical investigations aimed at improving the performance, reliability, security, and efficiency of communication systems.

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VLSI and Embedded Systems

Research in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and embedded systems encompasses a wide range of topics related to the design, implementation, and optimization of integrated circuits (ICs) and embedded computing systems. These fields are crucial for developing advanced electronic devices, including smartphones, automotive electronics, medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial control systems.

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Wireless Technology

Research in wireless technology encompasses a broad range of topics related to the design, development, optimization, and deployment of wireless communication systems and networks. With the proliferation of wireless devices and the increasing demand for high-speed, reliable wireless connectivity, researchers are continuously exploring new techniques and technologies to address various challenges and improve the performance of wireless systems.

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Message from the HOD

Dr. P. Indumathi


          This is the largest department in the MIT Campus of Anna University. The faculty and research scholars do research in the cutting edge areas which include Communication, Signal & Image Processing, Computing, Network Security, Sensor Networks, Optical Communication, Radio Frequency Electronics, VLSI, Embedded System, and IoT. The department has collaborative partners from academia and industry. The department has acquired state of the art test and measuring instruments and electronics systems for training the students in the cutting edge areas. The department produces high-quality research in the Ph. D. Programme and is a recognized QIP center for Ph.D. UG and PG students are encouraged to undergo exchange program with Foreign Universities, which have MoU with Anna University. The department is carrying out various consultancy works and sponsored projects for leading industries such as TCS, Ericsson and Government Organizations like CVRDE. The syllabi of the courses are continuously updated and the laboratories are modernized to reflect the rapid changes in technology. Supplementing the regular curriculum, the students are encouraged to participate in R&D efforts by involving themselves in the sponsored projects executed by the faculty members of the department and other associated research activities. There are 24 full-time Ph.D. scholars, 30 part-time Ph. D. scholars. The department is supported by DST-FIST and UGC-DRS-SAP Phase - II. The Alumni of the department are gener