Thrust Areas

Petrology, Geochemistry

These are the branches of Earth sciences that focus on understanding the composition, Origin and evolution of rocks and minerals. Each of these fields plays a crucial role in deciphering Earths history and Processes, from the formation of rocks deep within the planet to their modification through geological time.

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Sedimentology, Paleontology

Sedimentology and Paleontology are interconnected fields within Earthscience that study the processes of sediments deposition and fossil record, respectively. Together, they provide valuable insights into Earth history, Past environments and the evolution of life.

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Geospatial technology reflects a commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in remote sensing and GIS, with the ultimate goal of contributing to sustainable development, environmental conservation, and resilience in the face of global change. Through research, education, and outreach, our department is likely playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of geospatial science and its applications.

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Geology department achievements in hydrogeology underscore a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge, developing practical solutions to pressing groundwater challenges, and fostering collaboration and innovation within the hydrogeological community. By leveraging its research prowess, prolific publishing record, and innovative patents, Geology department is making a significant impact on the sustainable management of groundwater resources for current and future generations.

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Message from the HOD

Dr. T. Subramani


          The Department of Geology, College of Engineering Guindy (CEG) Campus, Anna University sprouted as a Division of Geology in the year 1979 to teach Engineering Geology programmes to the technical students. The Department of Geology was initiated and developed by Prof. M. S. Jagadeesan and Prof. C. Mohanadoss. The vision of the founder professors on importance of geological sciences and technology for current development of education in India, instigated them to start the department and UG, and PG programmes in Applied Geology. Since 1986, the faculty strength has increased to eight numbers in the year 2009. All the faculties are dedicated to the cause of dissemination of Geological knowledge to the community to address socio-economic problems and exploration of minerals and fossil fuel resources. The department is recognized by UGC-DRS, UGC-SAP, UGC-CPEES, DST-FIST, DST-PURSE, DST-SERB, NRSC and BRNS programmes. This has enabled the department to have good instrumentation facility to carryout research and it has produced 115 Ph.D theses in various fields of geology. The faculty members have international research collaborations and have collectively published more than 650 research papers in internationally reputed journals. The alumni of this department are placed in reputed institutions and industries in India and abroad. The department is well connected with industry and academic interactions. The goal of the department is to educate the students and prepare the trained manpower for the country. At present, the department is offering M.Sc Applied Geology, M.S (By Research) and Ph.D programmes, and supporting to B.E Mining Engineering, B.E Civil Engineering (Tamil & English), B.E Geoinformatics, B.Tech Petroleum Engineering and Technology, M.E Soil Mechanics and M.E Transportation Engineering programmes.