Spinning Laboratory

The lab is equipped with Blow Room and Card, Draw Frame, Comber, Speed Frame, Ring Frame, Miniature Card, Miniature Draw Frame, Miniature Roving frame, Miniature rotor spinning machine and Two for One Twister

Weaving Laboratory

The laboratory consists of Dobby Loom, Jacquard Loom, Automatic Pirn Changing Loom, Air jet weaving machine and Miniature Rapier Weaving Machine

Chemical Processing Laboratory

The chemical processing laboratory is equipped with Miniature Processing Machines such as Soft Flow Dyeing, Jigger, Padding Mangle, Curing Chamber and Steam Ager, Spectrophotometer, FTIR Spectrometer, Colour Fastness Testers, Environmental Test Chamber, Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer, Freeze Drier and Low Temperature Freezer

Testing and Quality Assurance Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with Yarn Fault Classifying System, Universal Tensile Tester, High Speed Tensile Tester, Evenness and Hairiness Tester, Video Microscope and Image Processing System, Fabric Evaluation Equipments such as Tensile, Tearing, Bursting, Abrasion, Pilling, Bending and Drape

Garment Laboratory

The laboratory consists of Single and Double Needle Sewing Machines, Embroidery Machine, Over Lock Machine, Steam Pressing Machine, Feed off Arm Machine andButton Hole and Button Sewing Machine

CAD Laboratory

The laboratory consists of Woven Design Software, Garment Design Software and Statistical Software