Geometric formality of flag manifolds, complex K-ring and topological complexity of oriented flag manifolds

Principle Investigator : Dr. Vimala Ramani

Project Cost : ₹ 1668900 Lakhs

Duration : 26-OCT-23 to 25-OCT-26

Funding  : National Board for Higher Mathematics

"Mesh-Less Finite Volume Method for Three Dimensional Unsteady State Groundwater Flow and Transport through Sat- urated Porous Medium

Principle Investigator : Dr. L. Jones Tarcius Doss

Project Cost : ₹ 14 Lakhs

Duration : 14-APR-14 to 31-MAR-17

Funding  : Department of Science and Technology (SERB), Government of India

Queueing Models for Computer Systems

Principle Investigator : Dr. K.V. Vijayashree

Duration : 16-FEB-11 to 15-FEB-12

Some Problems in the topology of Manifolds

Principle Investigator : Dr. Vimala Ramani

Duration : 01-SEP-09 to 31-AUG-10